European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit in EPFL, Switzerland.

This part of my website is dedicated to the EMOOCs 2014 conference in Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland), #emoocs2014 on Twitter. It contains what I've learned and noticed from the speeches I attended. For more information, you can look at the official website of the conference. Concerning research and experience topics I’m going to comment have a look at the proceedings of the conference to read the articles of the researchers themselves. Parts of the conference are also available on the "EPFL CEDE" youtube channel

Short introduction about me and the conference's organisation

Before writing anything about the EMOOCs 2014 conference, let me just present myself. I am a student at both Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL) and Université Lyon 1 (UCBL). In Université Lyon 1 I study artificial intelligence, and I am especially going to realize an internship in the domain of MOOCs from April to September 2014 (using trace-based reasoning to enable the personalization of MOOCs platforms to the learners). Thus I don’t have any experience in MOOCs research yet (but I already attended a few MOOCs as a student, in order to see how it works). One more remark about my what you will read: English is not my native language : tell me if you see anything in what I wrote that I could have misunderstood from the speakers.
As these texts are the result of my listening to oral speech, I’ll sometimes only display the notes I took (short, independent sentences), and some other times reformulate it into entire paragraphs.

Most of the time, this conference was divided into four tracks : Policy, Experience, Research and Business (I never went to the last one). These sessions were opposed to the Keynote Sessions, when all participants were attending the same conference (once more, you can look at the website to get some more details about the general organisation, especially the conference programme).

Tutorial “All you need to know about MOOCs"

Before the real beginning of the conference, a tutorial was proposed by a few professors who all had already had an experience in MOOCs.

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Keynote Sessions

Four main sessions were attended by all the participants to the conference. The speakers were major actors in the world of MOOCs, who sowed the achievements of their organisations, and the goals for the next years.

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