Rules of the game

The goal in this game is to get the best hand you can with your cards. Click on "play" to take cards from the deck, then click on these cards to hold them on the table (held cards become a bit transparent). Then click again on "Play": the cards you didn't choose to hold will be replaced by other cards from the deck. The comment (under the cards, in the middle) tells you how many stages are remaining before the evaluation of your hand. When finished, it gives you the value of your hand. Each time you get a valuable hand, you earn money. You start with 100 in your bank, and spend 1 for each time you play. Here is what you can win with the various hands:

Hand Money earned
High Card0
Pair inferior to 100
Pair superior to 101
Two Pairs2
Three of a kind4
Full House12
Four of a kind25
Straight Flush50
Royal Straight Flush500