Graph Generator

A Javascript Tool to easily create your graphs!

Feel free to use this application to edit graphs, and then serialize them in XML format! This application is very simple to use : simply define the radius and color of the nodes you want to display, then choose "Add Node" and click the canvas to add your nodes. Then you will be able to draw edges between your nodes by using the "Add Edge" button, and click two of the nodes you already created.
The "Define Arrival" and "Define Departure" (as well as the colour properties associated to those) only concern you if your aim is to create a network for ant colony optimization.
At any moment you can undo your last operation by clicking on the button..."Undo last operation".
Finally, click the "Serialize" button (below the canvas) to have your graph translated into XML language, and copy-paste it wherever you want!



Add Node

Add Edge

Define Departure

Define Arrival

Undo last operation